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Catching Pokémon in your sleep sounds like an extreme obsession, but technology makes it real. The success of Pokémon GO made manufacturers pay more attention to wearable devices, as Pokémon Go Plus was a real success. Despite this wearable controller was completely useless as a fitness tracker (what would have been logical), it got popular enough to foster new ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, Pokémon Sleep!

So, it’s not enough to catch pocket monsters while you’re walking or cycling. Now you can do it in your sleep as well. This more requires a new gadget, named Pokémon GO Plus + (yes, with double “plus”, no typo).

One “Plus” Is Not Enough

We don’t mean OnePlus smartphones; they are alright for Pokémoning. But the PGP available now can only track your activity while you’re walking past Pokéstops or run into Pokémon. The features of the two-plus version are expanded; the next device is supposed to track your sleep quality by reading your movements with a built-in accelerometer and analyzing them with a smartphone app. The new tracker connects with your phone via Bluetooth too. The exact version of the protocol used isn’t revealed yet.

It’s also not clear whether Pokémon Go Plus + uses an internal rechargeable battery or a CR2032 replaceable one, like its predecessor. But it probably will look the same as the previous model.

Well, this sort of device would have been more popular right from the beginning, if it was a regular activity tracker with specific features for Pokémon GO and stylish appearance. The “Plus” version introduces another feature regular trackers have, but it also gets it involved in the game itself.

There must be other measures taken to make Pokémon GO great again, which is crucial for the success of the new wearable. And Nintendo seems to finally implement some of them. Pokémon Home is a cloud platform that will unite existing titles of this universe available on smartphones and on Nintendo Switch. This may reencourage the community and provide a new dimension to the existing variety of Pokémon games.

Sleep with One App Open, Gripping Your Gadget Tight

So how are we supposed to Pokémon while sleeping? It’s not revealed yet. Probably good sleep will be just equivalent to walking, resulting in hatching eggs and collecting stardust. You won’t have to wear it while you’re sleeping: it’s enough to place it on the bed beside you. The accelerometers of today’s activity trackers or mobile phones are sensible enough to read your movements from a little distance while lying on the same bed.

To do its job correctly,  Pokémon Go Plus + should finally get rid of constant disconnections that the first version often experienced with Android devices. If the developers solve it, Androids will dream of electric Mareep along with their users.

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From the beginning, this wearable by Nintendo was exclusive for Pokémon GO fans. The “plus” version is a fan device too, useful within the game and making no other sense. But maybe Pokémon Sleep will make 8-hour sleep popular.

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