The description of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a mobile title that makes an impossible task possible: creating an addictive game dedicated to geometrical shapes. Here your sole goal remains the same - progress through the Geometry dimension and avoids getting bumped into obstacles. However, it's not so easy-peezy as it sounds.


Geometry Dash features a geometrical avatar of yours put in the perpetual motion. It glides through this weird universe, that consists of figures & shapes and you have to make sure it doesn't collide with any obstacle. Or fall into a pit. Or land on something apart from the solid ground/trampoline-like platforms.

One tap on the screen - the gliding square jumps. Double-tap - it does a double jump in the air. These are fairly all of the maneuvers available. But from time to time you may get lucky and win a power-up that makes you fly kind of upside down.

The game is tough. Tough and challenging: no matter how much practice, there's always a possibility for a wrong move or a poorly timed jump. It leads to a collision and voila - you start the level all anew. In the Normal Mode, there are no checkpoints whatsoever. Only the practice mode gives you this privilege, but again, such a concession destroys the thrill and tempts you to try and beat the "Impossible game".

On the brighter side, you can collect gold stars and it will unlock customization option for your square avatar. It can transform into:

  • An Awesome! meme,
  • An emoji with a disturbing smile,
  • Space ship,
  • Something square-shaped with four hands serving as legs,
  • A Masonic-like figure, etc.

Another awesome feature of Geometry Dash is its level editor. You can design your own chamber of tortures for other fans of the game, selecting a difficulty level: it ranges from Easy Demon to Extreme Demon. Here you can release you suppressed thirst for cruelty and sadism. Or, if you're fearless enough, try some of the fan-designed levels to test your GD skills.

All in all the gaming experience is addictive and enjoyable, though lack of checkpoints can make you gnash your teeth in anger. But after all, if you develop your reaction and finger agility well enough to beat the entire Geometry Dash - you can brag it all you want to your friends. And probably engrave it on your tombstone for the future generations to wonder who that superhuman being was.


The game is neat both visually and acoustically. It features a feel-good EDM soundtrack, with light space travel undertones in it. The gliding effect is smooth, it nearly keeps you hypnotized, while you try to focus on jumping over obstacles, spikes, and pits. It's eye-friendly and colorful.


Tapping and double-tapping are two moves you need. They are the basic pillars of the control mechanics, but what really makes you a champion at Geometry Dash is the reaction speed. And muscle memory. They'd better be good.

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Geometry Dash is mesmerizing and frustrating. It makes you want to give up and smash your phone and retry that level you can't beat one more time. It is tough and unforgiving to those who make mistakes. But what is a life worth without a true challenge? Download Geometry Dash to prove to yourself that you're tougher than this game!