The description of Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is a fascinating and suspenseful multiplayer horror game whose plot follows a group of six kids that break into their neighbor’s creepy house to reveal which secrets he hides in his basement and try to rescue their kidnapped friend. Knowing about their intentions, the Neighbor is willing to do whatever it takes to punish the unruly teenagers one by one. Download Secret Neighbor and become part of a dangerous, yet exciting rescue operation that will make your blood run cold!


The game plot revolves around a bunch of teenagers who undertake a bold mission of rescuing their abducted friend from the Neighbor’s sinister house. A solid plan falls apart when it turns out the Neighbor knows about the upcoming operation and is prepared to thwart it by disguising himself as one of the kids and merging with the rest of the group. You and the other players have to act fast, be creative, and cooperate like never before to avoid getting trapped as you search the locations for clues and aids that can take you to where the creep is hiding your friend.


The graphics of the game, while somewhat cartoonish, impress with their tastefulness and attention to detail. You will not find any gore or explicit violence here even though the story implies it. Instead, the atmosphere of suspense and tension in Secret Neighbor builds upon its ominous music, flickering lights, and realistic sound effects. The nicely designed visuals are a joy to look at, but the colors can occasionally fuse, complicating the search for small objects like keys.


The controls that one online Secret Neighbor review called “stiff and lacking intuitiveness” seem to pose the biggest challenge for the players. It may take you a while to get the hang of how to navigate your character around the grand, old house without constantly bumping into and tripping over various objects. Also somewhat off-putting are the game’s technical lags and graphics glitches that force you to go back and start over far too frequently.

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Bugs and confusing controls aside, this is one beautifully designed story with a gripping plot, superb music, and impressive visuals. Download Secret Neighbor if you want a quality adventure multiplayer with thriller elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.