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Beam NG is a game/app that has a lot of ambition and is trying to be a real driving simulation. It is based on a game named Beam racing which is a racing game with the cars having some different shapes in the game. This game is a full-blown simulator with a lot of car parts being able to be changed and upgraded.

The game has a lot of potential and it is a good start but it is still not close to something like Project Cars, which is the current champion of racing simulations on PC. 


Beam NG gameplay is about driving in a realistic environment, and there are no "levels" or "missions" in Beam NG. Players can drive in any direction (with physically accurate, realistic physics).

The gameplay is more like the famous game GTA. The driver can control the steering and acceleration, but not the braking or the gear. The driver can also listen to radio, of which the stations are automatically generated via an algorithm. The radio will play music, news, or commercials, which are also generated via an algorithm.


Beam NG graphics are realistic, as the physics of the game. The game is 3D, providing players with a realistic driving experience. In order to provide players with the best graphics, the game creator used an advanced rendering technique. This technique is responsible not only for the realism of the game, but also for the game's optimization


Beam NG controls are pretty easy to understand, if you have played games like GTA, then it is almost the same.

  • WASD is used for moving the vehicle around, the arrow keys are used for steering the vehicle and the shift button is used for accelerating.
  • The camera controls are the mouse and the right thumb stick, while the left thumb stick is used for changing the camera angles.
  • The camera angle can be changed to any of the available ones, like the rear view, the roof view and the bonnet view. The camera angle is changed by using the Q and E keys.
  • The camera position is changed by using the mouse.

The driving controls also can be changed if you feel llike it.

To download the app, you will get links to the Official Website and/or official digital markets.
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Overall, Beam NG is a pretty good game, it is very realistic, and it has a lot of potential to grow, so that is why I gave it a 9 out of 10. It does have some bugs and issues as of now (like some players driving around the map with no car, and some bugs with the cars). But these can be fixed, and are not very big issues. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is interested in driving games, or even people who are not interested in driving games, as this game can be played by anyone.