The description of Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a match-three puzzle game which is listed in a Simulation category. The game has an attractive storyline and full of different interesting challenges. 


Once you install the game, you immerse in a mansion estate, which is maintained by butler Austin. You just buy the house from a previous owner. But there is a problem: the garden has been abandoned for quite some time and it looks not very attractive. Your predecessor didn’t carry out it, so previously beautiful statues have cracked, the lawns have become overgrown, and plants have wilted. Austin is very disappointed because his family has cared for this land for a long time. But now you can assist him and build your dream garden. 

For this, Austin will give you a series of tasks. For example, build benches, plant new trees, fix a broken statue. At the same time, there is another part of the game: the match-three levels. In order, to buy a bench or add new shrubs you have to spend some stars. And playing in match-three levels will give you a chance to earn these stars. This game is particularly standard for the genre. There are a lot of different tasks and levels. Once you pass the round - you get one star, so the more levels you win the more things you can buy for the garden. During the game, you can make friends with not only Austin but also with other in-game characters. They also will guide you through the gameplay and give useful advice. 

Gardenscapes is free to play and install, but if you want to improve your character and expand its capabilities, you can purchase some items with real money. 


In fact, the game has amazing graphics in a cartoon style. The garden, where you will perform the most actions, is so huge and divided into different areas. You can find here not only plants or trees but also decorative elements like fountains and statues. No doubt, every detail adds to the extravagance of the garden. The objects are not static, for example, you can watch how the water is falling in the fountains. The developers have done their best so that you can get really smoothy moves. 


The controls in Gardenscapes are decent. It is very easy to play using your right and left thumbs. If you want to drag an element in the game, just tap on it and move. Also, use the same principle during the work in the garden. 

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Gardenscapes has great graphics, animations, and other interesting features that will keep you playing for a long time. Some tasks may require your creativity and some - strategic skills. Nevertheless, it's worth playing!