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Niantic’s latest AR game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has many facets, all designed to get you playing it as much as possible. It is easy to hop into, and there are a few tips and tricks to help you earn more XP and maximize the game time. The game features familiar map-based exploration gameplay and includes discovery, battles, character development, and augmented reality. Wizards Unite is a sophisticated game with the sheer amount of features and complex gameplay. But we are here to help you make the most of your magic with these tips and tricks.

Ten Key Tips for New Players

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Not everyone can easily hop over to Hogwarts to take magic lessons, but with our best tips, anyone can become a pro of the latest Wizards Unite.

1 -  Speed Up Brewing Time by Mixing Potions Correctly

In Harry Potter’s magical world, brewing potions will still take real-world time. But if you mix them correctly, you can reduce the waiting time of potions by 15%. The trick to speed up this process is Master Notes; simply go to your cauldron and tap the handle to show you a sequence of different patterns to brew your potions quickly. You will need the work out yourself to master the art of mixing potions, but tapping on the “I” for information will assist you with different patterns to try.

2 -  Choosing the Right Profession Affects the Game

The game lets you choose between three professions or classes; an Auror (the combat veteran) led by Harry Potter, Professor (an expert spellcaster) led by Professor McGonagall, or Magizoologist (defense and healing) led by Hagrid. Each profession has its own Skill Tree, which you need to fill out with scrolls. It will be a good idea to select a right profession that works well in fighting the creatures — Aurors are successful in fighting the Dark Arts, Magizoologists are hybrids specializing in defense against beasts like erklings and helping the teammates, and Professor are spell casters who can defeat Curiosities effectively.

3 -  Add Friends to Earn More Experience

Teaming up with other players will help you access the bonus XP and achievements during Fortress battles. These rewards are reserved only for this magical relationship, but your friends will need your personal code to find you as they can’t be added directly from Facebook. The friends function is different from Pokémon Go with no gifts. But the social section of Wizards Unite explains how to earn more XPs from challenges and wizarding XPs when you take down enemies with your pals.

4 -  Earn More Rewards by Completing Daily Tasks

After level 2, you can access the Daily assignments appearing as a calendar at the bottom right corner of the screen. These quests are simple things, such as returning a required amount of foundables, but they get you XP, gold, or other items. It’s a good idea to get bonus rewards everyday by tackling these tasks.

5 -  Find Portkeys to Explore Harry Potter’s World

As you walk around, you will find Portkeys on your maps. They require keys and open Portmanteaus or portals to various iconic places of the wizarding world for you. You can easily discover a Portmanteaus around the map, and all you need is to use a Portkey key to enter and glance different parts such as Hagrid’s Hut or Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

6 - Collect Spell Energy from Inns

Spell Energy can literally turn the wizarding world and you need it to cast spells. Your one spell consumes one unit of energy, you must avoid any situation of running out of the energy with no spells to cast during a Fortress fight. The game allows you to have 75 spell energy, and you can get it from visiting Inns, Greenhouses or completing some tasks. You can also buy the energy with gold, but it is better not to waste it and visit Inns instead.

7 - Level Up Before Taking down a High-Level Confoundables

Confoundables are dark creatures guarding the Foundables, and to free them, you need the right spell to take them down. If the Confoundable is too powerful, the bar at the top of the screen will turn red. This means the Confoundable is highly resistant, so save your time and improve your spell before you fight it. You need to make your magic more strong by tracing the right spell. Otherwise, you will waste your spell energy.

 8 - Pay Attention to the Colors of Your Spell

To free the foundable, you need to cast a spell and destroy a Confoundable. You can figure out how to discover if your spell is successful or not. When casting magic, you will see two colored swirls. If you see blue (Ebublio spell) or Yellow (Alohomora), you are successful. But if the spiral is overtaken by red and black swirls, this means your cast is unsuccessful. It is better to run away and boost your spell strength before fighting that Confoundable.

9 - Turn On Battery Saver

While you are walking around completing challenges, brewing potions, and dispelling Confoundables, battery drain would be the last thing on your mind. You can buy a battery pack to recharge your device on the go or use the battery saver option in the settings menu to dim the screen light.

10 - Watch Carefully for Different Potion Ingredients

You need to collect different ingredients to make a potion. While you can find them by using greenhouses or on the world map, various ingredients are visible in specific weather, moon cycles, or day time. You will also need to prioritize the ingredients based on their usefulness especially the rare ones. Don’t bother collecting one and letting it take a space in your inventory you can only put it in a potion you don’t need or can’t brew. As their visibility changes, you will need to carefully observe what ingredients are available at different times of the day. 

Help the Ministry of Magic

One of the most exciting things about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are the AR features. Unlike the notorious AR of Pokémon Go, we liked the placement of items in Wizards Unite. Different features such as the inclusion of portals and face filters make it a more fun and exciting game. We have walked you through the essential tips to help you make the most of your spells. We also welcome contributions from the fans in the comments section.