Get Ready to Take on the Shish-Kebab-Looking Creature with This Guide to Beating Shashlik in Chained Echoes

Megan Bonnell


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Chained Echoes is a classic JRPG with a deep and rewarding storyline. Players can take on a variety of quests and battles as they progress through the game, including a special hidden boss fights against the shish-kebab-looking creature, Shashlik. To help you prepare for this challenging encounter, here is a step-by-step guide to beating the Shashlik boss fight in Chained Echoes.

Step 1: Find Shashlik in Basil

Find Shashlik in Basil

To find Shashlik in Chained Echoes, you'll need to start in Basil. Here, you'll find an anthropomorphic carrot in Rohlan Fields. To unlock the special encounter, simply follow the carrot, and it will eventually call out its veggie friends and form Shashlik.

Step 2: Prepare for the Battle

Before engaging Shashlik in battle, you'll want to make sure you're well-prepared. You should stock up on Sage and Alarm Clock items from the Items menu. Sage cures Paralyzed, and Alarm Clock removes the Sleep status, which can both be inflicted by Shashlik. You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of Fire-Type attacks, as Shashlik is weak to this element.

Step 3: Defeat the Individual Veggies

Defeat the Individual Veggies

Before Shashlik forms, the walking carrot (Carrie) and his friends will attack you individually. To beat them quickly, focus on Carrie and Peppa, who are the strongest foes. You can take them out fairly easily with Glenn’s Cross Slash and Sienna’s X-Slash. Give the veggies Attack, Defense, and Agility Breaks, and don’t waste any TPs on Mush and Cornelia, as they’re inactive and weak.

Step 4: Defeat the Super Veggie Shish Kebab

Once the veggies form Shashlik, the battle will move into its second phase. During this stage, the veggies’ moves will become “Super,” meaning they inflict more DPS and cover a wider range. To counter Shashlik’s super moves, use Victor’s Shield Mazurka. You can also use Sage and Alarm Clock to counter the Paralyze and Sleep attacks.

Step 5: Use the Best Moves to Defeat Shashlik

Use the Best Moves to Defeat Shashlik

When it comes to the best moves to defeat Shashlik, Sienna’s Yoko Giri and Glenn’s Wide Swing are the best choices for the initial phase. For the second phase, when fighting Shashlik, use Glenn’s Oil Slash, followed by Lenne’s Fire Thrust.

Step 6: Claim Your Prize

Once you've defeated Shashlik, you'll be rewarded with a titular sword for Lenne. To get it, simply investigate the scarecrow. The blade isn't particularly powerful, but it's still a nice addition to your inventory nonetheless.

With this guide, you should have no problem taking on the Shashlik boss fight in Chained Echoes. Just remember to stock up on Sage and Alarm Clock items, focus on Carrie and Peppa, and use Glenn’s Oil Slash and Lenne’s Fire Thrust to take down the Super Veggie Shish Kebab. Good luck!