WhatsApp Working On Adding Message Reaction

Megan Bonnell


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Message reactions is a handy feature that allows you to react to a picked message from your friends using one of the available emojis. Many services like Telegram, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, and so on already offer this opportunity. However, for some reason, it is still not available on one of the most popular messengers, WhatsApp. It is possible that the situation will change shortly.

Well-known insider information source WABetaInfo shared some screenshots a while back depicting what reactions might look like in a mobile app. More recently, it published a review of reactions in desktop and web versions. Judging by the image, WhatsApp will have six emojis to choose from. Recall that similar services offer much more extensive sets. Perhaps it is just the beginning, and the developers will add more options for reactions.

It will be easy to use this potential feature. To respond to a message in the app web version, you need to point at it with a cursor. After that, a pop-up window with available emojis will appear. Click the one you want to send the reaction to a friend. All these actions are similar to how reactions are sent in other instant messengers.

As you understand, the new functionality is still under development. As far as we know, it's not even available for beta testing in any version of the app yet. WhatsApp has been working on it for quite some time, so the next news about message reactions should likely be expected very soon. Of course, it will be available in beta first, so if you're itching to try it, sign up for the program. Among other expected updates are the redesign of the voice call interface and media picker, as well as the appearance of extensive Communities.

Which of these features are you looking forward to the most? Do you use message reactions in other applications?