Minecraft Team Releases Nether Updates

Megan Bonnell


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Nether is a dangerous parallel dimension in Minecraft's Overworld. It is the only dimension besides the Mojang office in Stockholm, Sweden, where Minecraft is created. It is the only place, besides the End and the Overworld, where one can find Nether Quartz Ore. The Nether is a dangerous place, where zombie pigmen roam and ghasts fireballs can kill the player. It is accessed through a Nether Portal, which is made of stone brick buttons arranged in a rectangular pattern. The player can usually find a Nether Portal by looking for a Nether Fortress.

The Nether has been officially updated and is now available for play. This new version offers a lot of new features, such as new hostile creatures and blocks, a brand new island, and more. The first noticeable changes are the new blocks and creatures. The update includes a new type of block, Netherrack, which can be found on the new island, and new hostile mobs, such as blazes and ghasts. The new island is called the Far Lands. It's a large island with many new blocks, including huge mushrooms and the new Netherrack.