Mastering the Game: Unraveling the Best Offensive Focus Options in Madden NFL 24

Megan Bonnell


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In Madden NFL 24, a critical aspect of outsmarting your rival is choosing your team's offensive focus wisely. This guide takes you through the intricacies of the available options, helping you decide which might work best for your unique team composition and overall gameplay style. Each option carries its own set of implications, making strategy interplay an exciting part of the game.

Inside Run Offensive Focus

Inside Run Offensive Focus

For those who favor expert maneuvering on the ground, the Inside Run focus can prove rewarding. Under this focus, your team receives a remarkable boost to run inside blocking, assisting your running backs in bulldozing through the enemy line with increased speed and accuracy. This is great for power runners, who can then exploit the avenue cleared for them. However, be warned that this comes at the cost of reduced effectiveness in outside run blocking. Therefore, you must strategically weave inside runs into your game plan to fully benefit from this focus.

Outside Run Offensive Focus

Alternatively, if you wish to dominate the fringes and enjoy showcasing your elusive runners, the Outside Run focus might cater well to your playing style. Enhancing outside run blocking, this focus option amplifies the performance of your runners, which make up the outer wing of the attack. However, this necessitates a compromise on inside run blocking. To capitalize on this focus, it’s crucial to identify when and where to invoke outside runs, thus creating a harmonious balance between the perks and penalties of your selected offensive focus.

Blitz Counter Offensive Focus

Blitz Counter Offensive Focus

The Blitz Counter focus has its own set of pros and cons. On the plus side, it significantly boosts blocker awareness against blitzes and improves double moves against coverage. This gives a longer protection window to the quarterback, favoring a controlled and stable game. However, the downside includes slower defense reactions to short passes. Although this focus might present a higher risk, strategic incorporation of blitz counters into your overall game plan could help neutralize opposing defensive formations.


Like a multi-faceted strategic puzzle, the offensive focus in Madden NFL 24 requires a calculated approach. Intrinsically embracing the continuity of decision-making, the game nudges you to evolve along with your chosen focus, blending your strategies to encompass its pros and offset its cons. While the Inside Run focus amplifies the force of power runners, the Outside Run focus is perfect for displaying the finesse of your elusive runners. The Blitz Counter focus, meanwhile, serves players who are adept at manipulating the passing lanes for their advantage.

Ultimately, your chosen focus must sync with your inherent strengths, team composition, and playing style. Exploring these options as you play will gradually unveil the grand chessboard that is Madden NFL 24!