Transformers Rescue Bots: Adventure Heroes

Budge Studios ™ introduces Transformers Rescue Bots: Adventure Heroes! Volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches or forest fires – no matter where disaster strikes, wherever there are people who need help, there is one team that you can always rely on – Rescue Bots. Work as a team to save the residents of Griffin Rock from natural disasters and the evil Morbotovs of Dr. Morocco. Successfully complete all missions to earn badges. Bots rescuers will come to the rescue!

• Hitveyv: Firefighter
• Chase: Bot-cop
• Blades: Bot Helicopter
• Boulder: Bot Builder

• Volcanoes: Put out the lava to save the inhabitants
• Earthquakes: Restore Electricity to Griffin Rock
• Avalanches: Remove snow to save residents from under the rubble.
• Forest fires: Extinguish forest fires
• Morbots: Catch and capture attacking Morbots


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