MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess

Get ready to travel with the popular Equestria ponies in the free game from Geymloft, based on the cartoon “My Little Pony”!
Twilight Sparkle – a student of Princess Celestia, as well as her friends – Rainbow, Fluttershy and others will take care of the horses. They will grow food on the farm, make friends with horses and fulfill their dreams!
* MORE THAN 300 HEROES: take care of housing for the prince and princess, feed and just listen, because it is an integral part of friendship.
* LOCATION: Explore the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, Sweet Apple Farm and others!
* COZY HOUSE: do not miss the chance to create a home for the pony from the cartoon “” My Little Pony “” even more comfortable than the Sims!
* ENHANCING TASKS: Go on a journey from the cartoon and fight the villains – Tirk, King Sombra, Moon Pony, werewolves and others!
* FREE MINI GAMES: Play Balls ’with Twilight Sparkle,‘ ’Magic Wings’ with Rainbow and have fun with horses in Эк ’Girls of Equestria” and “Friendship is a Miracle”.
* FASHION: Create new pony looks. Let them feel like princes and princesses in royal costumes and rainbow-colored manes.
* FRIENDSHIP IS A MIRACLE: communicate and complete tasks!
* REAL VOICES: sound in the game from Geymloft is exactly the same as in the cartoon!
This application is suitable for fans of free games and those who like to equip houses for Sims, as well as dreaming of becoming a prince or princess of the kingdom of friendship, or just relax on a pile of hay on a farm surrounded by ponies.
This game is downloaded and used for free. However, you can also use virtual currency, which you can win in the game or buy for real money. The price range for in-app purchases is from 0.99 € to 99.99 €. You can manage in-app purchases from the settings menu of the Play Store app.

Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Thai.

To run this game you need to download additional data in the amount of 50-150 MB. Please note that the download size of such data is subject to change without notice.

Certain in-game features require an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi), for example, interacting, playing against each other, or transferring in-game items to other players. Please note that an internet connection is optional and will not affect your progress in the game. These functions may not be available in some countries.

The game contains advertising messages from the company Gameloft and third-party advertisements that will redirect you to a third party site. You can also disable the use of the device identifier to receive ads in the settings menu. Go to Settings> Accounts (Personal)> Google> Advertising (Settings and Privacy)> Reset Ad ID.

If you give us such permission, we will receive information about your location, and we will be able to prepare information about the players who are nearby, as well as share relevant advertising for your region.

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