Little police

Spend a day at the police station
The game “Little Police” will acquaint children with fascinating everyday life of the police patrol and police station. Go along with the police patrol and help catch thieves and criminals. Prevent raiders rob a bank, do not let them steal the museum exhibits, go to a crazy chase!

In the prison cell, the room for confrontations, or the office of the duty officer, you will find something fascinating everywhere. Children can use the application at their own pace: for example, during a confrontation at the police station, they can demonstrate their detective abilities. A lot of interesting things await them also during patrolling: studying various landscapes, preventing bank robbery, capturing criminals, maintaining order during road accidents, and sometimes even buying food for colleagues on duty.

The simplest control: to interact with the object you need to touch it with your finger; To move to the next scene, you need to turn the finger. Therefore, even the smallest will easily cope with the navigation of this application.

– Simple controls specifically for children aged 3 to 5 years
– Exciting mini-games
– Large selection of different police cars
– Mad chases and missions guarantee an exciting and informative game lasting many hours.
– Funny characters and funny animations
– Original graphics and music
– No need to connect to the Internet, you can play anywhere

About Fox & Sheep
Our application studio for children is located in Berlin and has been developing high-quality games for toddlers from 2 to 8 years old. We ourselves are parents, so we create our products with special love and enthusiasm. To work on applications, we invite the best illustrators and animators. They help us create great apps for kids that magically change the lives of ours and your little ones.

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