LEGO® NINJAGO®: Ride Ninja

Fight the villains in the city of NINJAGO® in the new free racing game with elements of the ninja battlefield – LEGO® NINJAGO®: RIDE NINJA. Zane secretly entered the ranks of Sons of Garmadon, a dangerous criminal biker group in NINJAGO® City. Titanium Ninja must find out what the group is up to. He almost succeeded in ingesting confidence in them, and he was left to pass the final test before the dedication – the Snake-Jaguar street race!

Play for Zane in LEGO® NINJAGO®: RIDE NINJA and drive on his super cool motorcycle, equipped with a NINJAGO sword and shurikens, in a powerful racing action game with combat elements. Zane knows that the race will not be easy to win, because there are no rules in it, and the bikers themselves will stop at nothing. Sons of Garmadon go in pursuit: someone rides a motorcycle, Ultra Violet drives his Stone Rocket motorcycle, and Mr. E – on the devilish Obi-bike with deadly blades and spikes!

Bypass traffic jams in the city of NINJAGO by tilting your device, fly up on the slopes, get away from the mines and attack Sons of Garmadon by touching the screen to activate ninja skills before they attack you! Feeds will help restore health and accumulate supercharge for special attacks in a short period of time. Earn LEGO® crystals as you play and spend them on mysterious bags containing enhancement cards to enhance weapons, armor, health, and special abilities. LEGO® crystals can also be spent on enhancing enhancement cards and purchasing additional mysterious bags.

How far can you get to RIDE NINJA?

✫ RAPID RACING: Start a race on a cool Zane bike and unlock other bikes with in-app purchases.
✫ BATTLE FIGHTS WITH SURICENS: Attack on time and masterfully ride a motorcycle – and victory will be yours!
✫ BY THE MOTIVES OF GRAND EPISODES: Ride Ninja was created based on scenes from the TV series “NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu”.
✫ CARD IMPROVEMENTS: Experiment and use your wit: over 50 cards will help improve your weapon, armor, health and special abilities of Zane.
✫ BUILT-IN PURCHASES: With one purchase from the app, you can buy three additional motorcycles, six katana swords and one additional cell for improvement, and also double the number of your LEGO crystals!
✫ CONFIGURATION ACCORDING TO AGE: Customizable gameplay for the youngest players plus the full version for older players, all with intuitive navigation, training and lots of jokes!
✫ SAFETY FIRST: Play in a safe, closed environment WITHOUT advertising from third parties. LEGO marketing materials and information, including links to LEGO products, are provided as sources of inspiration for children.

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What is the advantage of LEGO NINJAGO?

LEGO NINJAGO is a fascinating story about the struggle between good and evil, in the center of which are six young ninjas, each of whom is endowed with special spontaneous abilities, managed by an old and experienced master Wu. Thundering the villains of the enemies, these six newly-made friends are fighting for peace on the island of NINJAGO, and their dangerous adventures are full of excitement and jokes. Even enemies can sometimes become friends, and friends sometimes make mistakes. Unlimited role-playing opportunities in a fascinating universe where creativity is important and where everything is possible.

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