Happy trains! for Young kids

◇◆New train was included◆◇

◆◇Win No.1 ranking of Education category in Google play ◇◆

When you touch the screen with the sense of drawing, tracks will be created and train starts moving on it. A fantastic education application for kids (~6 years old)
Just by touching, your children can enjoy unique sound effects and movements, which help develop their sense perception.

Actions like “tap” (touch), “drag” (trace) are easy to do, so your children can enjoy the app without any difficulties.
Up to more than 10 kinds of running trains, so you can enjoy the games without getting bored.

Use virtual money called “Points” to increase number of trains.

●How to earn Points
・After choosing “Get points”, you will be taken to a page that advertising company established.
・After finishing all steps on your current device until the conditions for getting Points are satisfied, you will get your Points.
・If you change the devices that you are using, the data will not be transferred. Please note that.
・If you install app, you can get Points for the first time the app starts.
*This is not applicable to users who already installed app.
・You cannot convert Points to money or similar.

●How to use Points (Ways to change trains)
・Tap the train that you want on the “Change trains” screen.
・If Points are enough, trains will be altered.
・If points are not enough, gain points and choose it again.

●Display settings of trains
・You can choose the train that you want it to run in display setting.
・Tap button in display setting and turn it ON to activate the train that you want.
・Turn it OFF to deactivate the train.
・Tap to switch ON/OFF display.

* To make sure that your children will not accidentally close the game, BACK button cannot be used to leave the play screen in this app.

///// How to play /////
“・TAP or DRAG to draw lines.
When a line reaches a certain length or you draw and wait for a while, tracks will appear and train will run.”
・You can change background from menu screen.
・You can erase the tracks all at once by SHAKING your devices.

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Please confirm the terms of service before using. If you download this application, it is understood that you agreed with the terms of service.
Terms of service: http://edu.atech.jp/ja/Terms-of-Service/

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