Boomerang All Stars

Heroes of cartoons from Boomerang are fighting for a star cup! But whose team will be the best?

Choose your team of cartoon characters and help them to win in seven fun sports, among which are two new football games! Set records and lead the team to success! You can play the characters of your favorite Boomerang cartoons: “Easy, Scuba Doo”, “Tom and Jerry”, “New Looney Tunes”, “Hippo Family”, “Bannicul”, “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz” and “Mad race”! Exciting games are waiting for you!

Novelty in the Boomerang All Stars collection! Hit the ball on the moving target and do not let the goalkeepers stop you! Can you become a real football star and set a record?

Novelty in the Boomerang All Stars collection! Become the supergunner and beat off all the footballs that are fired from the cannons. Show mastery of endurance and concentration, so as not to miss a single ball!

Play basketball with your favorite Boomerang cartoons! Aim well and throw the ball with the cartoon character in the basket. Throw as many balls as possible and set a record!

At the start, attention, jump-jump! Take part in a fun relay and ride the beach balls. Carefully calculate the angle and time of the jump, so as not to fall into the water!

Ride on a jet skateboard, beating tennis balls right on target. But do not forget to avoid bowling balls! Can you set a record?

Catch the wave! Ride on an inflatable circle on a crazy water route, on which a sea of ​​obstacles and surprises awaits you. Try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible and set a record. Look don’t get wet!

Feel free to cut the air! Jump with a parachute and try to collect all the gold rings in flight, avoiding birds, boxes and airplanes. Can you land in the very center of the target?


This game is available in the following languages: Russian, German, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil)

Report any problems with the application to [email protected] Describe the problem in detail and name the device and operating system you used. The application has advertising for Cartoon Network products, as well as advertising for products and services of our partners.


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– game performance analysis tools that help us identify game aspects that need improvement;

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