The Most Awaited Games of 2019

Megan Bonnell


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2018 may have been an extraordinary year for gaming, however, 2019 is getting down to business to offer players some energizing releases too. All the more significantly, gamers shouldn't need to hold up too long to even think about getting their hands on the greatest arrivals of the year, which are coming out before the halfway point.

We'll be refreshing this rundown as more games are released and the launch of others is announced, so inquire consistently for the best on-trend games out on the game market. These are the 5 games we are all looking forward to in 2019.

Void Bastards

Void Bastards game poster

Out this late spring, Void Bastards guarantees to wrap the mash comic artistic taste up into an intergalactic methodology shooter.

You play a profound space salvager going between destroyed ships, plundering them of freight and making an effort not to be slaughtered by whatever is covering up inside their structures.

The ships are strategically created, so no two ought to be the same, yet they all have a couple of key rooms. You'll need to go for those rooms when you get in through the sealed area since that is the place you're going to locate the best loot.

In Void Bastards, your adversaries are straight out of a comic book. They are enormous robots, space phantoms, green aliens. You'll have the capacity to shoot them with weapons like guns or robot cats.


Afterparty game poster

The biggest adventure game is set to hit our game screens by 31st December 2019. Produced by Oxenfree, Afterparty begins with two companions, Milo and Lola, landing in Hell. They believe they're there unintentionally, so they've made it their central goal to escape the underworld using any and all means. It simply happens to be that Satan will let go only the ones who can beat him in a drinking challenge.

It's an incredible setup and you'll walk Milo and Lola from bar to bar, talking to evil spirits, playing such games like brew pong, and drinking your way to Satan's table. A few drinks will make you confident enough to become arrogant to your drinking adversaries.


Eastward game poster

Eastward is a flawless pixel workmanship experience amusement, in which you control two characters, Sam and John, strolling them through urban communities, executing beasts.

You can swap between control of the two characters and utilize their capacities to decipher puzzles and investigate the world.

For example, John, who can drive the pontoon forward in a straight line by smacking the ends of the lake. On the other hand, Sam can cast enchantment jolts that could get out huge blossoms on the water's surface and obstruct the pontoon's advancement. So you have to utilize the two characters together to traverse the world. 

Download this great game to see a larger amount of the wonderfully drawn world.


Rad game poster

Rad by Double Fine is a 3D third-person action game where a young boy is transformed by radiation and fights through a procedurally-produced post-apocalypse.

You will be equipped with a baseball bat and will proceed to whip beasts and investigate a universe of bare lands amid which you'll change in various ways: growing a snakehead and troll wings, brandishing a flaring arm and corrosive feet, and laying eggs to incubate minions that will support your quest.

A great thing about Rad is that you're taken to another fighting ground at whatever point you restart. There are interesting and energizing moves to experiment with, hitting adversaries with the baseball bat, for example, makes truly amusing sounds.


Pacer game poster

Anti-gravity games have had our hearts racing for some time now. But Pacer is a whole new level. It looks and seems like WipeOut, so for those you who think their fantasy amusement has stopped, Pacer is something far and way superior.

 The past rendition, Formula Fusion, was PC-friendly and had a ton of great updates, all of which are brought along in Pacer on an empowered console.

 The R8 Game designers are contracting 68 outlines for each second interactivity and 4K visuals,as well as a unique and authorized soundtrack including the semblance of CoLD SToRAGE (who likewise chipped away at WipEout) and Dub FX.

Pick One And Go

We’ve provided you with the list of best games we’ve been waiting for. Please share your comments on the gameplay and other features after they release. Or perhaps your list is different from ours? We wait for your response!