The Best Six Maps Already Made for Fortnite Creative in November’19

Megan Bonnell


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Not so long ago, Creative Mode was something Fortnitehawks could only dream of. Now that it’s out, it seems that Fortnite makes a great rival not only for PUBG or APEX Legends but for Roblox or Garry’s Mod as well. Users make new impressive maps with the rules that form standalone games. This time we see quests filled with puzzles, a real Gun Game (why didn’t Fortnite have one of its own?), a spooky long goodbye to Halloween, and some more interesting stuff.

So, let’s go through all of them. Like in any sandbox, there are just basic physics laws in Fortnite Creative; the creator builds the rest. So don’t go away with just a glance; give each of them at least a couple of minutes to get in.

The Room

The Room fortnite map

Luckily, it’s not based on the worst movie of the XXI century. Its creator, Rynex, is in no way similar to Tommy Wiseau, and that’s great. The map is really centered on the room, filled with items that help you out and switches for getting into the next section. Don’t try to acknowledge its logic; just leave no square inch unexamined. The Room is not meant for multiplayer at all, it’s rather about thorough exploration in a single-player mode. Could you imagine that before? Single-player Fortnite! And now it’s quite a decent product based on the new freedom.

The code: 3489-2263-1152

Patient 104

Patient 104 fortnite map

It’s another puzzle room by Rynex, developed in collaboration with Juxi. This time it’s a hospital of many stores, full of mysteries, hard locks, and unexpected keys. It starts as a typical zombie horror, when you awaken in an empty chamber, with no sign of life around; and then there appears too much of life, so you must run for yours! The hospital is inhabited with strange creatures that love to jumpscare you. The props can explode when you least expect it. And the ones you’re searching for are very well hidden. This map, though, can be played with up to four players.

The code: 1687-9623-1045

Spoopy Halloween Prop Hunt

Spoopy Halloween Prop Hunt fortnite gameplay

If you’re ready to keep exploring horror maps, let’s proceed. This one is a kind of hide-and-seek game in spooky decorations, where one party plays as hunters searching for the other, and the other party members can turn into props to hide from them. It’s funny to play a party-vs-party game in this mode. We have seen something similar in Garry’s Mod, but this one made in Fortnite is a good rival to it, and it looks much better than other prop hunt maps made in Fortnite Creative.

The code: 9573-3653-3744

MrSlickWillyz Gun Game (BETA)

MrSlickWillyz Gun Game fortnite gameplay

Call of Duty has Gun Game officially. Counter-Strike has Gun Game as a mod. Fortnite didn’t have Gun Game at all until Creative. Now it has, due to MrSlickWillyz. In this game, every player starts with the simplest weapon and zero mats, getting some after each kill. The more Eliminations you count, the more weapons you unlock. The game begins when the vacancies are filled, and ends after a player racks up twenty Eliminations. Maybe this map is far from perfect; on the other hand, does a map have to be easy and smooth? 

The code: 8576-1383-9495

Chapter 2 Warm-Up

Chapter 2 Warm-Up fortnite gameplay

If you always felt a little sorry for imaginary stabs and shots in warm-up mode, you must try this edit by Teadoh. It’s basically the boot camp you have seen each time before the Battle Bus set off in Battle Royale. Now weapons work as normal in it. In addition, it has a randomized course, keeping players alert. There is also a large free-edit area within the map. Well, we have tried to imagine what it would be like to never take off for the island and start killing each other immediately. Here it is now.

The Code: 4210-6852-9625

The End Theme

Fortnite The End Theme gameplay

Though the event named The End is about to end, it has become one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. It’s hard to rate how much the music written by Cims XBL contributed to its impression, but for sure it did. Now, if you like it, you can keep on enjoying it in a rhythm game named simply after the theme. Not only is it perfectly remixed and arranged; it’s also deeply integrated into the game.

The code: 7373-5854-4765

More Maps!

And what are your favorite maps in Fortnite Creative? Have you tried any of those we skipped? Which of them do you consider the worthiest? Share your opinion and help the developers make their way to players!